About Me


 My name is Courtney Bruce. I am the founder of Chozeh by Grace (C.B.G). Chozeh by Grace came into existence because of a thought or what I would like to call, “A God Idea.” It was then that I received the format for the, Seer Journal. From that moment forward more thoughts and ideas kept coming to me and I felt God pushing me to create a platform that will reflect his grace.

     I’ve been walking by faith since I’ve created C.B.G. and the spiritual warfare has increased like never before. However, I believe that if the enemy is that upset at me than it’s because I’m a threat to his camp and that God is going to do a work in me. I know God has called me to be a voice, not only for people that know him but for people who are struggling and on the fence.

    Currently, I reside in Wisconsin. My background is in Psychology and Communications. I’m an introvert that is slowly coming out of her shell. I am non-denominational and everything that I post or teach upon is based off of the word of God.

   I pray, that as you continue to visit C.B.G. site that you will be able to sense the love and passion that I have for my King Jesus. May his grace reflect to you in such a way, that it will capture and illuminate your understanding of him.

– xoxo Courtney Bruce