Sometimes, articulating what is happening in the spirit is not as easy as you would think.  So my prayer is that this blog post will be received or interpreted in the way that the Lord gave it to me.

The word position means, “condition with reference to place; location; situation, a place occupied or to be occupied; site, the proper, appropriate, or usual place: status or standing, high standing, as in society; important status (Dictionary.com).”

Over the past 2-3 months the Lord has been stirring the word position and what it means in my spirit. As time keeps going on, I’m starting to understand why.

Habakkuk 2:1 says,  I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved.

I’m writing this post today because the Lord has been speaking to my spirit about the risings of David’s and Joshua’s. I’m writing this post because even as God has spoken to me personally about standing, being set and being in position to watch and hear and also occupy grounds, I believe God is saying that to his body. 

One day recently, during a church service, the presence of God consumed the entire service and I heard the spirit of the Lord say, “I have mantles for my people but who is in position receive them.” Then the holy spirit said, “The enemy has gripped them with fear, and many are facing overload and are tired but tell them to become a Mary who is noted as the woman who was at my feet seeking my face and they will find strength in me.” 

David and Joshua were warriors, skilled for battle and have fought many of them. In the scriptures you will notice that many of the times before they went into battle they inquired of the Lord, meaning, they prayed. They sought the face of God until they received an answer. They went into his presence to receive instruction and strategy and when they went to battle God fought for them. 

Prior to them becoming the brave warriors they were, in the eye sight of men who knew David and Joshua, they were nobodies and misfits of society. David was the youngest who attended to sheep and Joshua was by himself away from everyone waiting for Moses to come down from the mountain. I’m sure at that time, these 2 mighty men did not know the fullness of their calling or position that they would eventually have to carry out. They probably weren’t aware that their process was leading to greatness. 

God spoke to me one day and said, “I have seen your process, I have seen the hurt and the unfairness, I have seen how you handled situations when they came up against you but no longer will you have to fight, for the grace that is upon your life will no longer be ignored but it will be a force to be reckoned with.” Once the Lord spoke that to me, the chains, insecurities and fears that I have harbored in my heart for years broke. This word is powerful because I kept letting fear of men keep me out of my position because I didn’t know that even those negative things were apart of my process.

David was anointed to be king but what if he let the influence of his brothers stop him from slaying Goliath? Joshua was anointed to lead God’s people into the promise land but what if he let the influence of his peers stop him from receiving impartation from Moses? We are all in some form of a process, constantly being built up for the master’s use and most of the time we don’t know it. We aren’t discerning spiritual attacks, we aren’t waiting for God to give us strategy or instruction. We are simply living and every now and then catching a revelation but we don’t stick and stay. We aren’t standing and set upon our watch… waiting for the Lord. 

When God spoke to me and told me, “He have seen my process,” a light bulb went off and showed me that all of these things good and bad were designed to get me to this place and time. All along, God was getting me in position. When David was slaying those lions and bears according to 1st Samuel 17:34 & 35, God was taking him through a process so that he could be ready for his position. When Joshua was in the tents with Moses, at the feet of the mountain and going to spy out the land, he was in his process getting ready for his position. 

You and I are in a process for a position that God designed just for us. He has mantled us to govern over a sphere but many are bound by fear and issues but I declare today that no longer will be bound but freedom is our portion and we are in position! 

Saturations and fiery revivals are birth when people are in position. Healing and deliverance takes place when people are in position. Battles are won and freedom reigns when people are in their position.

1st Samuel 22 speaks on the time that David went into the cave of Adullam. A discouraged David who was out of position was then followed by more men who were out of position. 1st Kings 18 speaks about Prophet Elijah being out of position. He was running away because of fear. In both cases, God sent prophets to tell both of them to rise up! God sent Gad to David and told him rise and go back to Judah and other words remember who you are called to be and get in position. God sent Obadiah and told Elijah, that he wasn’t alone and to rise out of his despair and to get back in position.

I have shared this prophetic dream before but, in my dream a battle was going on and I went into a cave and rallied the people and they ran out of the cave and began to war and do battle. I am your Obadiah today and even as the Lord has spoken to me and told me to rise, I tell you the same thing. Creation is waiting on the manifestations of the Sons of God to rise (Romans 8:19).



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