Piece by Piece

“But piece by piece, he collected me up off the ground,
where you abandoned things Piece by piece he filled the holes that you burned in me at six years old and you know, He never walks away, He never asks for money, He takes care of me, He loves me, Piece by piece, he restores my faith, That a man can be kind and the father could, stay…” (Song by, Kelly Clarkson – Piece by Piece)
Piece by piece… your empty presence caused cracks in my heart and warped my perspectives on life. When people would bring you up, I found myself shying away from the topic because I felt embarrassed. How, do I answer questions about a person I have never met? Every shattered piece, I wanted to hide because of the shame that I felt inside.
Piece by piece… as I grew older, God’s grace over my life became apparent. I knew, he had protected me from going down certain pathways. I knew, that even as traumatizing as the word, “Dad” was to me, he reconciled my heart to still love and desire a “dad”. The process wasn’t easy and many times I found myself broken before the Lord. I was crying out for the pain to end or for him to… end me. How do I live? Knowing that the very essence of who I am cannot be found. Even after searching for years and years, I still came up… empty.
Piece by piece… my father put me back together again. At first, I had my doubts in his abilities. I had my doubts, that he can remove the mental stain and the negative imagery that my pain perceived to be true. I had my doubts, that better was coming and that the word, “Dad” would no longer be trauma but a blessing. No, I’m not talking about my biological father but my heavenly father.
Piece by piece… he collected me. He molded me, he shaped me, he loved, he provided for me, he …was there for me. I have never met anyone like him. In fact, many people would probably say this a fairytale because how can someone undo years of trauma in an instance? How, can he fill voids that were hidden away in a deep dark abyss? How, can his love be so perfect to cast out all of my fear and restore my hope?
The perfect love of Jesus, can do all things. Every broken piece, I submitted it to the father. It wasn’t beneficial for me, it was hurting me. Every broken piece, God took and in exchange he traded it for healing.
Piece by piece… the Lord is calling you to give the broken pieces of your fragmented heart to him. He’s been waiting for you to realize that those broken pieces that you are carrying around is sharp and cutting you. It’s causing you to have internal bleeding and blood clots. Your shame is cutting off the breath of life that God is trying to supply to you. You can’t keep carrying what’s killing you.
As you give over the broken pieces of your life to the Lord, his grace is going to meet you right where you are at and heal you. One day, you will look up and what was once trauma will no longer be trauma but a miracle.
Piece by piece… as he put me back together again and showered me with the love of a father, our relationship got closer. I viewed God one way in the beginning but afterwards I became his child and he became my father. Everything that I was searching for, I found in him. Shame dissipated when the true image of who I am in Christ appeared. I no longer have to be ashamed or embarrassed and neither do you.
Piece by piece… every broken piece, made me who I am today. Not only did God heal me but he blessed me. I was longing for a father in the natural and he blessed me with one. So yes, piece by piece… my broken heart got repaired. God has been a good, good father too me. He will do the same thing for you, if you let him.
Let’s Pray:
Thank you father for being a great father. Right now, I surrender every broken piece to you. I can no longer carry it but you can. You know what I need, you know the process that I am going through. Father, guide me with your eye. Heal and mend me back together. I can’t continue living like this. You said in your word, that your grace is sufficient for me. It doesn’t matter what I have done or what I have, your grace is still sufficient for me. I receive your grace and your love. Your love can bring me back to life again. Your love can stop the internal bleeding. Your love can cast out shame and guilt. Father, I need your love. What I don’t have in the natural, I know that you will supply it in the spirit. Father, your word says, that when my mother or father has forsaken me that you will take me up. Your word says, that you will lead and guide me. Your word says, that you are very present help in my time of trouble. Your word says, that I am no longer an orphan but have received the spirit of adoption. Your word says, that it is better for a millstone to be cast around my enemies neck and drowned into the sea than to offend one of your little ones. Your word says, that I am a more than conquer. Your word says, that I can cast my cares upon you because you care for me. Father, I pull on your word because you are not a man that shall lie neither the son of man that you should repent. I receive your grace and truth and I walk in my true image that you predestined before the foundations of the world. I submit my life to you Christ. Have your way. My faith is in you and I stand on your word. In Jesus mighty name – AMEN.


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